Where we love dogs and give them stress-free grooming!

Whether you want a quick tidy up or a full groom, I offer a range of grooming services for affordable price.

I hope you find some time to bring your dog in and find out for yourself!

Grooming Process

I start with careful brush and comb out while I also check the skin condition. De-matting is done at this stage if necessary. Then your dog will receive a warm bath and I use only premium dog products, 100% pure and natural. There is a minimum of two shampoo sessions and I apply a conditioner if needed. Special attention is given to ears and eyes during the wash to ensure they are clean. A gentle towel and blow dry (I won't persevere if your dog dislikes the blow dryer) is followed by a nail clip. Then a full brush and your dog is ready to get his haircut to your specific instruction. By the end of this process your pooch will feel and look good!

Full Groom

This 2-3 hour service is a full body haircut. After a bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and brush out, hair cut, ears cleaned and nails trimmed your dog emerges super clean, super tidy and super happy!

I recommend scheduling full body haircut every 6 to 8 weeks.

Mini Groom

This is 1-2 hour service. It is perfect to keep your dog looking good in between its usual grooms!

Choose it if your dog does not require a full body haircut but you want the hygiene area, face, pad and feet trimmed.

Puppy First Cut

Introduce your puppy to the grooming process with a pleasant bath, gentle blow dry and slow brush out and slight trimming. This is a great way to ensure your puppy is set for a lifetime of stress free grooming!

As a general rule, puppies should be no more than 16 weeks old and had all of their shots before being groomed for the first time.

Your Dog Comfort Comes First!

At grooming school I have learned that there are procedures that should not be performed during the grooming process, but rather left for a vet. Specifically because of the adverse effects these practices have on your dog. These are the procedures I do not perform in my practice:

No plucking ears
No expressing anal glands (but will check them for any signs of abnormality)
No scaling of teeth
I do not colour or dye pets

Grooming Matted Dogs

Many breeds tend to become matted very easily. This is especially true if they get wet, and even more true if they are not brushed regularly. Oftentimes, the owner is not even aware that the hair is matted, because they are only seeing and brushing the top coat - but it is the undercoat that is full of tangles. When they finally come in for their appointment, the refrain is very familiar: "Mats? What mats? Just take a little off. I don't want him to be too short.". The groomer faces two choices at this point, both of which are not very ideal:

1. Demat the fur
This sounds logical, and if there are just a few small mats, this option may be OK. However, dematting involves pulling a comb through the tangled hair. For most dogs this would be too painful and stressful, which I do not want to. Therefore, I got a 20-minute limit on dematting a dog and this process will be charged extra $15.
2. Go very short
If dematting would be too painful or not otherwise possible, the best and most realistic option is typically to cut the matted hair very short. Sometimes this may require going to 1/4 of an inch, if the mats are too close to the skin. Going very short does not necessarily mean you will see skin, and most dogs actually look really good afterwards, however some can seem traumatized, nervous, or itchy. Usually it is because their skin just feels very different to them. In rare cases going very short can also cause razor burn (if dog’s skin is very sensitive), minor cuts and abrasions, itchiness or scratches.

Please note – I will not go excessively short without your express permission. Most dogs' hair grows back pretty quickly. Now that it is short, it should be very easy to keep well-maintained, and will be much more comfortable for your dog going forward.

The de-matting process can be avoided with a good home grooming regime, please ask me how.

Busy Lifestyle or Limited Time?

If your dog attends Complete Canine Care daycare you have the added opportunity for us to simply collect from there, groom, and return - how easy is that?

Price List

Price may vary based on dog breed, size and coat condition. The actual cost will be provided after consultation.
I accept payments in cash or payment cards or you can pay through Complete Canine Care when picking up your dog.

up to 10kg
10 - 20kg
20kg +
Full Groom

This is 2-3 hour service which includes bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out, hair cut, nail trimming, ears cleaning, and lots of love

$70 $80 $100
up to 10kg
10 - 20kg
20kg +
$70 $80 $100
Mini Groom

This is 1-2 hour service which includes bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out, eyes area & feet trimming, nail trimming, and lots of love

$50 $60 $80
up to 10kg
10 - 20kg
20kg +
$50 $60 $80
Puppy First Cut for $40

This 60-90 minute treatment is full of cuddles and includes bath with high quality shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out and slight trimming. During this visit I will get puppy used to the noises and smells of the salon, the sound of clipper but not clip their hair. Depending on how they react they can also have their nails tipped and ears cleaned.

It will take 2-3 session for the puppy to be fully comfortable with the grooming process.

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About Me

My name is Aleksandra and I am certified dog groomer.

I have lived with dogs all my life and have had considerable experience with wide variety of breeds. My decision to become a dog groomer was life changing and needless to say I have never looked back. Since I opened my own parlour I regard myself as a lucky person as I get to work doing what I love!

This is the story of GroomRoom! I hope you find some time to bring your dog for grooming!

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